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Eye Firming Serum - packed with natural ingredients, including passion flower, it cools the delicate skin around the eye to minimise those sneaky fine lines
Moisturising Eye Cream – rich in texture and heavenly to apply, this little beauty wonder is perfect for those with dry or sensitive skin. Created to tone up the area around the eye, applying it twice a day works like a little skin workout 
Restoring Eye Gel – a triple-action formula, it works to rejuvenate, firm and lift, while helping to mask dark circles and wrinkles
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Special Offer 11 - Eye Care - Product Reviews
Susan Hill, Leicester, UK

When I first came across your products I was really amazed at the speed at which they lifted and toned my skin. Instantly my features looked better and my skin began looking more youthful. These are really truly wonderful beauty treatments that I strongly suggest for everyone to be using. 

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