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A sophisticated skin care treatment to reduce the appearance of spots & acne. The kit consists of Face Wash, Moisturiser & Spot Serum, and together they reduce congestion, purify pores and control excess shine


A combination of essential oils, vitamins and anti-oxidants nourish and protect the skin, while anti-inflammatory ingredients such as tea tree ease swelling from breakouts

Results are improved appearance, increased clarity and a more radiant complexion
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How to Use

Use the Organic Face Wash morning and night to keep the pores clear and clean, thus stopping them appearing in the first place.  Use the Organic Moisturiser daily after the face wash to control the oil levels in the skin during the day.  Use the Organic Spot Serum before you go to bed to make the spots disappear over night.

Free from: Petro-chemicals
                    Synthetic Chemicals

As per Oily Face Wash, Oily Moisturiser & Spot Gel

Anti Spot Kit - Product Reviews
Karl Thomas, Surrey, UK

This product just does what it says – it kills those nasty spots. There is really nothing bad to say about this other than I wish I found it much sooner. The three products that you get work brilliantly together and for what it does the price is fantastic. 

Nadine Smith, Crewe, UK

I just love this kit! The three items work brilliantly to help keep my skin clean and to remove any toxins from within my skin that can result spots. The spot serum is just awesome as it really does reduce the size of the spots in some of my cases just a matter of hours. This really has given me the confidence that I need

Subhia Kahn, Rochdale, UK

This kit really gave my spots a good seeing to in just one night! I had major spots on my chin and forehead and it just took a day for me to see a real difference in my appearance. The redness is reduced, the swelling is gone and the pain when I touch the spots is not there now. I still get spots but this kit really helps to keep them under control and I look much better than I used to. 

Steve Hill, Leigh, UK

Being over 40 I thought I would have said goodbye to spots when my teenage years ended. But still have them and it has been a very long battle to find something that will just get rid of the damn things. All the products in the kit are non-drying and there is no burning effect which is what I have experienced with some other products. Ok, so it costs £22, but the amount I have spent over the years will probably be in the thousands. This is a real investment and it works. Great stuff guys!

Karen Finch, West Midlands, UK

I bought this on a whim one evening actually expecting it to be like everything else that I have tried – rubbish. But I am honestly delighted to say that this is the spot kit that will beat everything else hands down. I think it took only a few days for the redness and the size of my spots to actually get less, and it was only another couple of days before I started seeing my spots actually disappear. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get rid of their spots.  

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