d:fi heavy wax firm hold hair wax
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d:fi heavy wax firm hold hair wax

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d:fi heavy wax firm hold hair wax

heavy wax – firm hold hair wax will give you endless opportunities to work, re-work, work and re-work into different styles throughout the day and night.

This product has been formulated with ingredients such as castor oil, beeswax and glycerine forms part of the formula that will let your hair retain moisture and allow the strands to soften, helping to protect strands against moisture loss.

Beeswax contains antioxidants that help to provide the control but also to protect the hair from losing any moisture. Moisture within the hair is critical, as it is needed to stop the shaft from drying out and becoming brittle which will cause it to break or split.

How to Use Apply a small amount to the palms and rub into a smooth workable wax. Style through damp or dry hair and add more if needed. Ready to work and play.